Sorting out energy contracts, if done thoroughly, is a tedious, time consuming & infuriating experience. Not for us, we love it. In fact, we love it so much we try and do as much of the process for you as possible.

Typically, just a few calls and emails at the start is all we need to get going, then we’ll show you all your options in an easy to understand report. One of our client guides will explain it to you, and once you’ve made a decision we’ll take care of the paperwork. Easy.


You are busy, and we are thorough. We have spend the last 7 years carefully tweaking our approach, getting quicker & more efficient at organising, negotiating and managing energy contracts. So the question to ask yourself is – “how much is my time worth?”


We can negotiate hard because we have great relationships with all the suppliers. We can get really good prices – it’s that simple. Our suppliers love working with us because we have a great ‘Go Live’ rate, which means the businesses we put with them go through without a hitch. In 2016 our go live rate was 98%. If you use a broker or consultant it’s worth checking that figure out.


Our industry is unregulated, which means brokers and suppliers can tell you anything to get your business. This may be a great strategy in the short term, but it’s not the way to build a lasting, trusted relationship. We have won numerous awards over the years, and we’ve signed a voluntary code of conduct – we strive to be the best energy consultant in the UK.


Give your future self a break by investing a little bit of time now. All you have to do to get the ball rolling is fill in the quick and easy form below. You’ll thank yourself later.