Aimee Konieczny - Client Guide

Aimee Konieczny

Energy Contract Enthusiast Coach

How did you get here?

Many moons ago I was lucky enough to secure a work placement during university at a large chemical manufacturer to be their energy and carbon officer, and this really sparked my interest in all things energy. While there I learned how energy works “in the real world” and I obtained a really strong understanding of the commercial requirements for negotiating contracts from the client side. With a multi-million pound energy spend, it was vital that the best rates were secured and the supplier provided excellent customer service.

Following my degree I worked for an energy markets consultancy for nearly 6 years. During my time I analysed wholesale prices, tracked regulatory developments and reported on changes to government energy policy. I also spent time working on consultancy projects and was involved in forecasting third-party charges (these make up around 45% of your bill) for a number of well-known big brands.

I’m a total energy geek and proud of it! When the opportunity came up to become a Swan in March 2015 I leapt at it!

What are you most proud of?

My greatest achievement is being the first person in my family to go to university. I worked hard to achieve a 2:1 in Environmental Sciences, while juggling a part-time job, looking after my mum and still having a social life. I met a fantastic bunch of friends, who I am still very close with 10 years later. The experiences, trips and lectures have given me memories I will treasure and certainly provided opportunities I wouldn’t have otherwise had.

An interesting fact

I’m a TV star!!! Well, star may be too strong but I was on Blue Peter aged 7ish for a fairly long segment at Earsham Otter Trust. Tim Vincent was the host (he swung a bucket of fish over his head) and it was to coincide with a mid-90s boost in the wild otter population. I have also been in the background of Helicopter Heroes when my husband was helping an injured lady at Derwent Water and have been interviewed by BBC Look East about my university work placement. Please form an orderly queue for my autograph…

What do you do at Indigo Swan?

At Indigo Swan I am a Client Guide, this means I provide advice and guidance on energy contract options. My job is to make energy as easy as possible for you. I take away the jargon, the stress and the confusion about the sector and provide straight forward analysis of the best contract options. Primarily I’ll be looking to secure the cheapest renewal rates for you, but I’ll keep in mind your individual needs such as requiring bills in a specific format or a desire for a renewable energy option when approaching suppliers. I can also help with new connections and metering upgrades.