James Groves - Head of Client Experience

James Groves

Head of Client Experience

How did you get here?

Before joining Indigo Swan, I worked within the finance sector. I managed teams that negotiated and sold Loans and Insurance. I worked at my previous company for 8 years and it was an important time in my life as it helped me to develop as a leader and a manager, as well as a human being!
In 2010 an opportunity came my way to join the flock at Indigo Swan and I jumped at the chance. I wanted to get back to working for a smaller company and I wanted to be part of the Indigo Swan journey from the beginning. I am really proud of everything Indigo Swan has achieved so far and I am excited about what the future holds.

What are you most proud of?

I am proud that at the age of 32, I have over 10 years experience in leading and managing teams. The skills and knowledge I have developed within these roles has made me the person I am today. The skills I use to lead my teams are transferable in to my personal life and I believe these attributes have made me a loyal friend, a good son and a cracking husband to my wife ;0)

An interesting fact

I once performed in a play called “My Cousin Rachel”. I played the lead character Phillip and appeared onstage for every page of the script apart from 2! The amount of effort that went in to learning the lines and the concentration that was needed during performance week was immense. It stands out as the best performance I gave during my short amateur dramatics career!

What do you do at Indigo Swan?

I head up the Client Experience Team (Sales and Client Services) at Indigo Swan. I act as the face of client and supplier experience for the company as well as leading 7 fantastic swans on a daily basis.

I am responsible for meeting new and existing clients as well as suppliers, in order to maintain and nurture our excellent relationships.

I take great pride in leading the Client Experience team and working with them to help develop their careers at Indigo Swan. I love how passionate every member of the team is for what we do and how much pride they take in being a swan.