Nicola Spinks

Client Services Enthusiast

How did you get here?

After finishing high school I decided to train to become a beauty therapist. Although I enjoyed this job, after a couple of years I felt I needed a change and returned to study to become a teaching assistant.

I have always enjoyed working with people and giving a great customer experience.  However, the move to education was not to be my last.

I heard about an opportunity at Indigo Swan which really interested me. Although I have not worked in an office role before, the team are very supportive and value the skills I have.  I know that this was the team to help me on my way and I look forward to my future at Indigo Swan.

What are you most proud of?

Whilst on holiday I was given the chance to go scuba diving.  The depth of the dive and the restrictive equipment left me feeling very nervous.  I mustered up the courage to throw myself into the sea and 45 minutes later I had completed my dive! It was a proud moment and I managed to see some amazing sights.

An interesting fact

When holidaying in Argentina , I was able to white-water raft through the Iguassu waterfalls.  These falls are made up of over 200 separate waterfalls and sit between Brazil and Argentina.  Super fun but super scary!