Rae Harris - Client Support

Rae Harris

Client Services Enthusiast

How did you get here?

Before I joined the wonderful world of Indigo Swan, I was working for a Domiciliary Care Company covering all of Norwich. I spent my days completing all of the carer’s weekly rotas as the Care Coordinator and short care calls in the community. I loved the caring part of my role, as it was helping people in their daily lives and supporting in end of life care. What I really did not enjoy was working the 100 plus hours per week and it really was not a very caring environment to work in. Thankfully my world changed for the better, and I found my fabulous Indigo Swan job on Facebook!

What are you most proud of?

My biggest challenge and proudest achievement to date, is single handily looking after and raising my beautiful daughter. She fills my world with stress and sunshine but I would not change it for the world. I am a very happy-go-lucky lady with a positive attitude and outlook on life, I believe that this shines through every day and helps with all of the challenges that come my way. When the going gets tough, I know that I have all of the support I could ever dream of from the Swans! What more could a girl ask for  🙂

An interesting fact

I won an Art competition with the prize being that my work was exhibited in the Royal Academy of Arts in London.

What do you do at Indigo Swan?

I work as Client Support within the Client Experience Team. I complete the data gathering for all our clients, changes of tenancy and confirm termination notices. Alongside this I also have the job of arranging all of the Swans Birthday treats, cake collection and office shopping. I am the office Mum and I love it.