Sarah Groves

Client Discovery Enthusiast

How did I get here?

After socialising, I mean studying, at Nottingham Trent University for 3 years and obtaining my Humanities degree, I worked for a mortgage advice company for a couple of years. Which, although enlightened my passion for talking to people and enjoyment of grabbing their interest, dare I say mortgage advice didn’t really light my fire! So, I returned back to lovely Norfolk with the idea of being involved in something more exciting. I began my training in Reflexology and when our Mother Swan (my sister) created Indigo Swan, I wanted to join the nest to be part of something bigger and to use my skills to make a difference.

What am I most proud of?

Quite simply – my two awesome children. It is quite a journey becoming a parent and you learn more about yourself along the way than I ever imagined I would. So seeing as they rock I can only come to one conclusion – I must rock too!!

My interesting fact

Alongside being a Swan, I am also building my own business as a Reflexologist. I qualified 7 years ago and have continued my training to specialise in Maternity Reflexology. Whether it’s working with fertility, pregnancy care, priming for labour or treating the new family, it’s all simply magical. I am very enthusiastic and determined about my work. Helping people along their path to feeling good is truly rewarding, I love it.

What do I do at Indigo Swan?

My focus at Indigo Swan is Client Discovery. I enjoy introducing what we do to businesses and finding ways we can help make their lives easier. I believe we have that extra little something in our approach; even if that is simply being ethical and maintaining our values throughout everything we do. I understand the frustration of the endless calls and emails companies receive from energy brokers and suppliers, so I like to keep things human. We are good at what we do, we like doing what we do and we want to help businesses focus more on what they are good at doing!