Tom Seppings

Client Services Coach

How did you get here?

After I graduated in 2009 I moved to London where I worked in busy youth hostels located in King Cross and near St Pauls Cathedral. This role triggered my career goal of always wanting to work for companies that have a great interest in people and ultimately are there to make life easier for everyone.  After stints in the Charity and Education sectors I moved back to Norwich, doing a role that found me yearning to work for a company that was all about making life easier for people again. When I got the call about Indigo Swan I knew the company’s ethos and culture was for me and I am excited to be here.

What are you most proud of?

Moving to London was a huge change for a country boy like me! I am so glad I did it as it’s taught me lots both personally and professionally. I have made friends for life and am glad I powered through when I had doubts. I am also proud that I tore myself away from London when the time was right and moved back to Norfolk.

An interesting fact

I once took a hat-trick (3 wickets in 3 balls) while playing cricket.

What do you do at Indigo Swan?

I work within the Client Experience team, dealing with client queries daily. Typically, the queries I deal with involve billing errors, meter reading issues or client disputes with their energy supplier. Working with the Client Guides I support our clients throughout the life of their energy supply contracts. I am on hand to deal with any issues, not matter how big or small, to ensure that they are rectified to the best possible outcome.