New Energy Management services

As well as recently launching our online portal, PathFinder, we have also just launched a range of additional energy management products and services with the aim of saving businesses money and working more efficiently. Business benefits for clients including:

Electricity and Gas bill checking – Uncovering current and historical over-charging by energy suppliers going back over the last 6 years, and negotiation of refunds, to provide a nice lump sum to businesses.  We negotiated a refund of £275k for a London based charity.

MOP Agreements – Many clients with Half Hourly meters are not aware that they are paying for this, so benefits include cost savings, contract alignment and general awareness.

Insights Reports – Looking at energy usage over time to identify unusual usage patterns where cost savings could be made, and understanding how clients use their energy within their organisation.

Capacity Reviews – Relevant for clients with Half Hourly meters, this review seeks to reduce standing charge through analysis of energy usage over time and consideration of future operations.

Clients who have already benefitted from the additional services include:

The Forum Trust – Indigo Swan uncovered £4k of annual savings during a Capacity review. Steve Falvey, Head of Operations and Facilities says “The process of requesting a reduction in our capacity was all handled for us by Indigo Swan and needed little more than a signature from us. All in all, it was a very straight forward process that will help reduce our energy costs over the coming years.”

Broadacres Housing Association – Indigo Swan checks their hundreds of electricity and gas bills every month or quarter, finding errors all of the time which are ironed out before the bills are paid, ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Tina Foster, Head of Client Services at Indigo Swan, says “These new services have been designed to reduce our client’s energy management costs and administration beyond our main contract negotiation service. Through the provision of insight and knowhow, our clients can receive immediate value and make better business decisions.”

If you are interested in how we can get results like this for your business, please get in touch.

Posted by Andy Kindleysides in Products