Jogging Swans spotted in city centre!

It’s the time of year when the Indigo Swan fundraising calendar begins to fill up. We’re doing bake sales, thinking about the next Big Indigo Charity Quiz and entering running competitions all to raise money for the wonder Norfolk & Central Norfolk MIND.


“If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you”

All the Swans who fundraise know why they’re doing it – Norwich MIND are our chosen charity partner and we want them to continue helping as many people as they can. But there’s more to it than that when it comes to running. There’s a personal challenge and an overwhelming sense of achievement once they cross the line. Running, jogging and even walking are great ways to allow yourself some headspace and time to collect your thoughts.


“I wanted to lose some weight as I’d put a little bit on. I am not good at diets as I tend to crack after a few days and eat some crisps or chocolate. By running it’s given me the flexibility to exercise when I want to, and the weight has come off (gradually!) Finishing the Norwich 10K was amazing as its our home city, there’s nothing more fabulous than crossing the line hearing friends and family cheering!”



I hated the idea of running and sometimes still do. In 2017 it was decided some of the Swans would take part in Run Norwich, a 10K race through the heart of our home city. At first I wasn’t keen, but then I thought to myself what is the worst that can happen? Emily helped me, the crowd and my wife cheering me on helped me and I thought, I’ve done it… No more!

Fast forward to August 2018 and I’ve completed the Colour Run 5k and Run Norwich 10k 2018! What made me do it again? That’s easy, my wife and Ron’s Runners. After the 10k in 2017 my wife decided to start running. She told me I inspired her! And then there are Ron’s Runners. Coach K (Aimee) gets us all round every week, whether it is 3k, 5k or a little longer she will encourage you, teach you to breathe (This seems to be important for some reason!), and generally motivate you. During the Norwich 10k this year I found myself on my own at one stage and it was the worst experience running I have had. Thankfully 2k later, I found AK and we helped each other through the last 3k and I was able to beat my time from 2017.

My message above is clear, challenge yourself, change yourself and remember you are never on your own!



Having never been a runner, my wonderful work colleagues gave me the confidence to try running at the beginning of this year and now I absolutely love it.  

I have since discovered that I’m not a huge fan of running in hot weather, I struggle to relax and settle my breathing. The 5km Colour Run ended up being in the middle of our heat wave and despite looking forward to the event, I felt quite anxious.

What got me through the day? Without a doubt the amazing group of Ron’s Runners.

The group has a variety of abilities but each and every one of them believes in me and encourages me to push myself. Crossing the line with those that have a similar pace to me made me feel so proud of what we have achieved. Not just on that day but of our overall progress. We are now runners. Bring on the 10km Run Norwich 2019 😊



I’d been helping my sister-in-law with her running, and kept myself motivated during training because I knew she was relying on me to help her complete the course. It was another hot one, a struggle at times on a challenging course. When I crossed the line I felt exhausted! I really enjoy how quickly my stamina and fitness improves with extra training for races; I also love seeing how determined previous “non runners” are at getting round a tough course. And, even though I was relieved when it was over, I was proud of my sister-in-law for smashing her PB by 9 mins!



A strong mind, and a strong body

Wellness isn’t just about not being poorly, but rather being aware of everything that influences our lives and learning how to maximise the benefits. The Swans have spent a lot of this year exploring the Eight Levels of Wellness, and they are:

  • Emotional
  • Environmental
  • Financial
  • Intellectual
  • Occupational
  • Physical
  • Social
  • Spiritual

Physical wellness is as important as any of the other categories above, and can even help you on your way to making improvements in those areas. For example, going to a Pilates class can help you keep social and going running can give you some time to process your thoughts and emotions.

Do you find the time to practice the Wellness and, if so, how has it helped you?

Posted by Caroline Scott in Charity