Broadacres Housing Association

Established in 1993, Broadacres Housing Association provides a comprehensive range of services to approximately 5,600 homes in North Yorkshire.

Through dedicated energy software we have instant access to our energy accounts and have electronic management of our billing which ensures the process is more effective & efficient.

Kathy Ramsbottom, Facilities Manager

1 in 10 business utility invoices contain errors. Bill Checking ensures bills are accurate & costs are being efficiently & professionally managed, either pre or post bill payment.

Since Oct 13 Broadacres have had 1,174 electricity and 160 gas bills checked by us. We have found errors, which we ironed out before the bills were paid, ensuring everything runs smoothly.

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Haymarket Media Group

They have a fantastic knowledge of the complexities of the energy market, and I would not hesitate to recommend them.


Life Property Management

Indigo Swan has been instrumental in allowing LPM to identify reductions in electricity bills of up to 60%.


University Partnerships Programme

UPP is a leading provider of on-campus accommodation, infrastructure and support services, they have saved over £120k.


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