Haymarket Media Group

Haymarket Media Group is a privately owned media company in London. It has publications in the consumer, business, professional and customer sectors, both print and online.

I am very happy that they have always found me the right deal, even when I have needed some extra flexibility. They have a fantastic knowledge of the complexities of the energy market, and I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Mike Cronin, Group Facilities Director

Indigo Swan has worked with Haymarket Media since 2009 offering energy portfolio management to source the best energy contract options for their organisation.

They have a mix of half hourly electricity meters, large gas meters and smaller non-half hourly electricity meters.

Haymarket also receives Insights Reports that have assisted them greatly in identifying anomalies in their usage patterns allowing them to adjust their building controls to ensure their energy use is as efficient as possible.

Client Stories

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Norwich Theatre Royal

We helped The Norwich Theatre Royal manage their energy portfolio as well as new connections and a suitable MOP/DA/DC.


Life Property Management

Indigo Swan has been instrumental in allowing LPM to identify reductions in electricity bills of up to 60%.


The Forum Trust - Buying Group

After 15 years with a traditional purchasing group they decided to use us instead and saved 13% on their gas!