Inspiration Trust

The Inspiration Trust is a multi-academy trust committed to delivering academic excellence for the young people of East Anglia, pairing the highest quality teaching with the widest possible opportunities. Their academies span Norfolk and north Suffolk, are free to attend, and open to all. They have 47 energy supplies, spread across both gas and electricity.

Indigo Swan are trustworthy experts in their field, who will ensure you have a professional and comprehensive energy strategy.

Jon Ruddock and Nathan Stone, Chief Finance Officer and Head of Procurement


Q&A With Inspiration Trust

What were you doing before you used Indigo Swan?

Before engaging with Indigo Swan, each Academy would be responsible for managing their energy supplies independently.

What were the issues (if any)  you had with this approach?

We found that this approach denied us the opportunity to use our spending power collectively to get better prices. Additionally, it was difficult to get a transparent view of the contracts within each Academy. The several tiers of communication made decision making a difficult and lengthy process.

For you, what was most important when making a decision to use Indigo Swan?

When choosing suppliers to work with, it was important for us to work with suppliers who are seen as partners and who go the extra mile to make the customer happy. Indigo Swan have always been open, honest, and supportive in helping us achieve our energy savings strategy.
The tender process, which Indigo Swan won, was weighted highly towards a supplier’s technical ability. Indigo Swan excelled in their knowledge of not just the energy market, but also in the procurement techniques and methods required in order to get the best possible price for energy.

What is the biggest headache we have helped you with?

The biggest energy headache relieved would be the management of numerous meters, contracts, and sites all at the same time during the tender process.

If you had to describe Indigo Swan to your peers what would you say?

Indigo Swan are trustworthy experts in their field, who will ensure you have a professional and comprehensive energy strategy.

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UPP is a leading provider of on-campus accommodation, infrastructure and support services, they have saved over £120k.


The Forum Trust - Buying Group

After 15 years with a traditional purchasing group they decided to use us instead and saved 13% on their gas!


YMCA Norfolk

Indigo Swan helped YMCA Norfolk lower their energy spend by over £4,000 and made sure that the correct type of meter was installed in the building, having the wrong meter would have been costly.