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For us the single best thing is the way they present tender information to us. We understand what contract options we are being presented with, it is easy to make a decision and easy to justify to our auditors.

Nick Edwards, Head of Procurement


Q&A With Inspiration Trust

What where you doing before you used Indigo Swan?

We were using a mixture of buying groups and another broker.

What were the issues (if any)  you had with this approach?

We were not sure we were getting the best value for our contracts, the broker was not local and it was difficult to have a face to face meeting.  We also found it difficult to access all of our contract information.

For you, what was most important when making a decision to use Indigo Swan?

We were impressed with Indigo Swan’s approach to presenting contract information and market analysis.  Everything is clear, concise and in an easy to understand format.  We wanted transparency of fees, flexibility and to be able to support a local business with an excellent reputation.

Why did you choose Indigo Swan?

We wanted to work with a local company that could provide us with a flexible service that would support our growth. The information presented in the tendering process was clear and the quotes were easy for us to audit. Indigo Swan were able to save us over 6% on our electricity and over 16% on our gas contracts.

What is the biggest headache we have helped you with?

As schools joined the trust, it was difficult for us to centralise and consolidate our energy portfolio. Indigo Swan did all the hard work bringing all our contract data together.  Our future contracts are now on a common end date and it easy for us to understand our portfolio.

For you, what is the best thing about working with Indigo Swan?

For us the single best thing is the way they present their tender analysis to us. We understand what contract options we are being presented with, we are in the best position to make an informed decision and it is easy for us to justify our choices to our auditors.

If you had to describe Indigo Swan to your peers what would you say?

Indigo Swan are open and flexible in their approach to doing business, they are very approachable and responsive to queries. They provide clarity to our energy contracts, by keeping it simple.









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UPP is a leading provider of on-campus accommodation, infrastructure and support services, they have saved over £120k.


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After 15 years with a traditional purchasing group they decided to use us instead and saved 13% on their gas!


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Indigo Swan helped YMCA Norfolk lower their energy spend by over £4,000 and made sure that the correct type of meter was installed in the building, having the wrong meter would have been costly.


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