Mattressman is based in Norwich, and is the UK’s biggest online mattress specialist. They have more than 25 sites across the country.

Indigo Swan continue to be brilliant for our business. Their extremely helpful and professional approach has made switching and/or renewing contracts extremely easy and they saved us over 45% on our energy bills.

Mark Pollard, Financial Director

Q&A with Mattressman

How did you manage your energy supplies before using Indigo Swan?

Before I joined Mattressman, energy supplies were managed in house and renewed on occasion directly with the supplier. No one had the time to check if we were getting the best price or remembering to renew a contract.

What problems or frustrations did you have with this approach?

It was all very unorganised and I couldn’t tell if we were getting value for money. Without spending a lot of time I didn’t have analysing all of the contracts, I couldn’t see where our energy spend was going or even what contracts we had in place.

What was important to you when making the decision to use Indigo Swan?

Using someone I could trust to get on with the job and work out where everything was. We also needed someone to negotiate the best deals available to us, as well as manage our growing portfolio of supplies as we open new stores.

What is the biggest energy headache we have relieved for you?

Sorting out the supplies that were sitting out of contract, or needed new contracts soon were dealt with quickly which was the majority of the energy headache we had. They now also deal with the energy suppliers for us and are keeping an eye on upcoming contracts that will need renewing.

If you were to quantify the benefit of using Indigo Swan what would you say?

In the first instance, Indigo Swan provided answers to my questions without me spending hours going through everything. They also managed to save us 45% on our energy costs, just through contract management and getting on top of all of the supplies. This money we have saved we can now invest back into the business, helping us achieve our growth ambitions.

Client Stories

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The Forum Trust - Buying Group

After 15 years with a traditional purchasing group they decided to use us instead and saved 13% on their gas!


Swallowtail Print

We helped take away the headache of negotiating a better price and identified savings of 34% on their electricity spend.


YMCA Norfolk

Indigo Swan helped YMCA Norfolk lower their energy spend by over £4,000 and made sure that the correct type of meter was installed in the building, having the wrong meter would have been costly.