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“We used a large well known buying group to purchase our energy for close to 15 years before switching to Indigo Swan.”

We have been approached by numerous energy brokers over the years but until now we have never had the confidence to take the leap of faith required to leave the security of a buying group.  The personalised service, quality of advice and support we received from Indigo Swan over an extended period gave us the confidence to make the break from a buying group.

Teresa Wood, Head of Estates

The downside of the buying group has been the long term commitment we are asked to make and the lack of certainty about prices when we are budgeting for Service Charges 18 mths in advance. In recent years we have often reached the end of the current pricing period before we are notified of the new contract price.

We have taken a long time to make the decision to leave a buying group, it is a huge decision to move away. We took time to build a relationship with Indigo Swan using them for advice and bill auditing first then moving across one of our smaller electricity accounts followed by gas then most recently our large
electricity accounts.

We’re really happy they have secured us a great fixed price for an extended period and know that if we have any questions, however trivial, we will always receive exceptional service.

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Norfolk Motor Groups

By researching & comparing over 18 different energy supplier tariffs, Indigo Swan was able to identify a saving of 58% on a gas supply.


Swallowtail Print

We helped take away the headache of negotiating a better price and identified savings of 34% on their electricity spend.


Ashtons Legal

Savings of £727 per annum on MOP contracts and £2,208 per annum by adjusting KVA capacity.