University Partnerships Programme

UPP is the leading provider of on-campus accommodation, infrastructure and support services, delivered in long-term partnership with leading universities.

We’ve worked with other energy consultants, but with Indigo Swan we get real integrity and service that is way beyond our expectations. We have already saved over £120k.

Jason Wakefield, Procurement Manager

Q&A With UPP

When you first met Indigo Swan why were you reviewing your energy consultant relationship?

UPP are committed to reducing environmental harm, and managing resources effectively in all areas of operation. Our incumbent energy contractor was up for review and it was time to see what else was available in a changing market.

What makes Indigo Swan different from our competitors?

The people. Ultimately, all consultants draw on similar resources to offer advice to customers, but the team at Indigo Swan took the time to understand our business and our exacting needs. They then worked hard to help us achieve our objectives. Their can-do attitude makes all the difference.

If you were to quantify the benefit of using Indigo Swan what would it be?

£120k of savings (across both supplies) in just two years. That’s approximately 5% of the anticipated spend.

How would you describe Indigo Swan to your peers?

A small energy consultancy that has a big impact.

What was important to you when making the decision to use Indigo Swan?

Sustainable, efficient, energy management is essential to UPP’s business, but with responsibilities to our long-term partners and their demanding students, service and transparency is also key. Brokers have a mixed reputation within the industry and UPP were looking for a contractor who could demonstrate impeccable integrity and an ability to deliver over and above the service levels offered by the existing contractor.

What was your impression of how Indigo Swan handled your contract management tender?

The tender was very professional. We were kept well informed of changes in the market and possible outcomes. Information was provided whenever it was needed, and the team at Indigo Swan were always happy to discuss any queries.

What is the best thing about working with Indigo Swan?

Knowing that if there is a question, there is always someone on hand to give a sensible answer.

Client Stories

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Life Property Management

Indigo Swan has been instrumental in allowing LPM to identify reductions in electricity bills of up to 60%.


Broadacres Housing Association

Since Oct 13 Broadacres have had 1,174 electricity and 160 gas bills checked by us. We have found errors, which we ironed out before the bills were paid, ensuring everything runs smoothly.


Cloch Housing Association

Looking for competitive quotes for our office premises and our common areas takes up a huge amount of time and Indigo Swan reduced this time commitment considerably.