YMCA Norfolk

YMCA Norfolk’s aim is to provide a number of services and activities that, alongside assistance from specialist providers, will provide young people with all they need to belong, contribute and thrive.

The money saved in both staff time and the actual savings on direct energy cost will be vastly beneficial to the organisation.

Vicky Aitken, Finance and Performance Manager

Q&A with YMCA Norfolk

How did you manage your energy supplies before using Indigo Swan?

This was completed in-house by the finance department.

What problems or frustrations did you have with this approach?

Both time and expertise were an issue – Not knowing the discounts applicable and having the correct conversations with suppliers.

What was important to you when making the decision to use Indigo Swan?

That they would firstly deliver value for money for the Charity as we aim to use as much as possible directly with young people.

What is the biggest energy headache we have relieved for you?

Taking away the guessing game – We now have their portal Pathfinder and a clear route for recording usage. This has reduced the impact of estimates and will continue to ensure any areas of concern are highlighted early enough to be rectified.

If you were to quantify the benefit of using Indigo Swan what would it be?

I think the money saved in both staff time and the actual savings on direct energy cost will be vastly beneficial to the organisation.

How would you describe Indigo Swan to your peers?

Indigo Swan is more than a business, its interest in its customers looks to add value in a way that benefits the community. An example of this is the support that has been provided to improve energy efficiency within our organisation and to equip the next generation with the knowledge they need to save themselves money on energy bills. The quote below is from our Engagement Officer regarding a recent visit by the Indigo Swan team to meet with young people:

“The young people from YMCA Norfolk thoroughly enjoyed hearing James from Indigo Swan discuss and present the facts around energy and the cost of wasting energy. At YMCA Norfolk energy consumption is directly costing each service a large amount of money each month. Money that could be saved and be redirected to young people and improving their lives.

James spoke about ways that young people could save money with easy tips from making sure that laptops and computers are not left on standby to switching off the kettle at the plug when not in use. Other advice provided was about which energy providers are best to sign up with and how to source the best deals.

The way in which James delivered his knowledge around energy saving tips and advice was both engaging and useful to YMCA Norfolk’s young people.

It provoked encouraging discussions and questions from the young people, all of which is going to add to their positive steps forward to independent living and being empowered young people in the future.”

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Savings of £727 per annum on MOP contracts and £2,208 per annum by adjusting KVA capacity.


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