What were you most grateful for in 2017?

As the year draws to a close, we asked the swans to reflect on the last twelve months and answer
the question, “what were you most grateful for in 2017?”

Here’s what they had to say…



“I’m most grateful for all the opportunities I have to connect with so many amazing people and forge
truly special relationships.  This year has been filled with so many special moments for me but one of
the highlights was building the confidence to deliver my TEDx talk.  I’m absolutely certain that I
wouldn’t have been brave enough to stand on that stage if I hadn’t had the encouragement and
creativity of Mark Smalls, the love and enthusiasm of Sarah Groves and James Groves plus the
unwavering confidence and belief of all the Swans.  You guys truly rock my world x”



“In 2017 as with every year, I am most grateful for the good health of family and friends. Someone
close to me had a very bad injury this year, which reminded us to be thankful for all the little things.”



“I am most grateful for the support of both my family and husband.  They give me encouragement
when I need that little boost and they never miss a chance to celebrate all our successes”



“2017 proved to be a challenging one for me in a personal capacity, which in turn made my
professional life difficult too. I am most grateful for my husband this year, as without his unwavering
support and love I think I would be a complete mess right now! He has been an absolute rock and
has helped pull me through this year so I can start 2018 a much more resilient person.

Thank you Josef!”



“I’m grateful for where I live. I’m not saying we don’t have issues here in the UK, but we’re relatively
safe and stable compared to a lot of other countries. And on a more local scale, I’m grateful to live in
Norwich – it’s a lovely part of the world.”



“2017 has been my first full year in Sawbridgeworth, 100 odd miles away from my family and a lot of
my friends however I am lucky to still feel incredibly close to them all. This year I got married, so
amongst stag do’s, hen do’s and lots of planning for the wedding, my partner and I received a huge
amount of support from all directions. Having spent two weeks abroad for the wedding, surrounded
by our very closest friends and family, it gave my partner and I time to really appreciate the people
we have around us and to celebrate our special day with them”



“I am most grateful for having the swans, my friends, and family around me for all my highs and lows
throughout the year. And my fiancé for picking me such an amazing ring ;)”



“Looking back over the past 12 months I can honestly say the thing I am most grateful for is the
support I receive from the Indigo Swan nest. I have had some big changes take place this year,
including new internal work roles and my only just turned 4-year- old starting big school!! Both of
these events required new focus points and change. I must confess that at times change is not felt as
my friend and I get “the fear”. The support I received from all of the Swans before, during and after
the changes was outstanding and I truly felt the love. I honestly could not have gotten through 2017
without each and every Swan. You guys rock my world!”



“I think I would have to say Jodie.  Moving back to Norwich this year has had some very stressful
moments but she has always remained upbeat and really thrown herself into her new surroundings :)”



“I’m most grateful for the health and happiness of the people around me – my parents, my boyfriend,
my friends and my colleagues. If they’re happy, I’m happy”



“I am most grateful that one of my best friends called Justina, who loves cheesy pop music as much
as me and agreed to come on an over 18’s, 1990’s music weekend! In turn my other best friend (and
husband, Jason) was incredibly grateful that he didn’t have to go with me.”



“I am grateful for everything in my life. I feel there is a real sense of expectation and entitlement
from a lot of people in the world. People think that having a brand new car, the newest games
console and designer clothes is everything, but in fact I’m grateful that I have a roof over my head,
food on the table and can pay my bills each month. Anything else is a bonus. I am most grateful that
in 2017 I have had all of these things plus more. Always be grateful for what you have, and you will
be much happier.”



“At the risk of jinxing……I am grateful that the kid’s teenage years are so far pretty painless. The boys
are “apparently” doing well during their first year at university and enjoying the experience and
Scarlett is excited by school each day. May it continue :)”



“I am most grateful for my amazing husband and for an amazing first year of marriage.  It has been
filled with a Disneymoon, boating on the Broads and lots of laughter.  He truly is my rock.”



“I am most grateful that I have an amazing wife to go home to but at the same time I have incredible
people to work with. Due to this, I am in a fortunate position, where every day feels as though I am
spending time with my family and people that share my interests, support my goals and improve my




What did you feel most grateful for in 2017?