Historical Bill Check

Energy suppliers are keen to collect monies but less motivated to return any overpayments or give contract reimbursements, especially for any past mistakes.

1 in 10 utility bills contain errors, and our eagle eyed team are excellent at finding these errors.

We perform detailed checks on invoices already paid, with the aim to identify any errors, liaise with the energy supplier and arrange the refund of any overpayments.

1 in 10 business utility invoices contain errors. Bill Checking ensures bills are accurate & costs are being efficiently & professionally managed

How a Historical Bill Check will benefit your organisation

  • We manage the negotiation & money recovery
  • Set fee, we won’t take a % of amount recovered
  • Potentially uncover a significant amount
  • You don’t have to be an existing client

We will look through your past, paid invoices with a fine tooth comb to see if we can identify any errors or anomalies with our rigorous checks.

Upon discovering anything we liaise and negotiate with the energy supplier to arrange the refund of any overpayments from their bank account back into yours.

We can go back as far as 6 years to look for any errors.

It’s all yours

Our charges are simple, we do not ask you to share any of the refunds with us and our upfront charge includes all time spent liaising with the supplier and negotiating the contract reimbursement.

If you combine Energy Purchasing with our Bill Checking Service, it is an exercise you will never have to carry out again as you will be confident, and have the evidence, that every single one of your energy invoices are correct.

So far, we have discovered and returned over £300,000 for our clients.

Client Stories

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Broadacres Housing Association

Since Oct 13 Broadacres have had 1,174 electricity and 160 gas bills checked by us. We have found errors, which we ironed out before the bills were paid, ensuring everything runs smoothly.


YMCA Norfolk

Indigo Swan helped YMCA Norfolk lower their energy spend by over £4,000 and made sure that the correct type of meter was installed in the building, having the wrong meter would have been costly.


Norwich School

Norwich School is an independent day school, set next to the Cathedral in the heart of Norwich.