Chamber Energy


Indigo Swan and the Norfolk Chambers of Commerce are working together on an energy partnership, Chamber Energy, to support the Chambers’ focus on climate change and corporate accountability.

What is the scheme

Chamber Energy is designed to help Norfolk Chamber members who are looking to reduce their carbon footprint and / or switch to a ‘Green’ energy supplier. With access to a wide array of tools and resources, Indigo Swan are offering Chamber members free advice and support to help them on their low carbon journey.

Indigo Swan work with an array of energy suppliers so from finding the right supplier, to checking and negotiating contracts we are here to help your business be greener.

Why going green is important?

Moving from expensive fossil fuels (gas, oil and coal are all costly to extract from the ground) to sustainable cheap-to-run Green options may see energy prices stabilise in the future, while ensuring security of supply.

Yes, renewables and green options require subsidy at the moment, adding charges to bills, but in the long term these technologies will reach a level where no subsidy is required. Once a Green or renewables project is up and running (e.g. a solar or wind farm), the “fuel” to power it is free.

The UK also has an ambitious target to be Net Zero (carbon neutral) by 2050, and a big part of this will be the transition to Green sources of energy. Reducing emissions will protect our planet for generations to come, and we should all be playing our part to do the right thing.

Why Indigo Swan?

A number of suppliers now provide Green Electricity as standard, although the sources could be challenged as to how Green some are. For example, the power could come from burning wood pellets or from a wind turbine at sea, so if Green is of interest it is worth exploring what type of Green power you regard as acceptable.

Indigo Swan discuss the supplier specific Green options with customers during a tender exercise, so we understand the importance you place on these types of contracts. We work with an array of energy suppliers; so, from finding the right supplier, to checking and negotiating contracts we are here to help your business be greener.

Let’s help get Norfolk on its way to becoming Net Zero.


Our Core Values


How we do anything is how we do everything

Everyone’s experience of Indigo Swan should be the same – exceptional. This value is about delivering quality, thoughtful work every time, no matter how big or small the task is. Every piece of work will be given our full attention.



We’ve always been ambassadors for innovation and creativity, and it’s what sets us apart. Our Swans are intelligent, inventive and brave and we will always listen to ideas on how to make our company even better. We won’t be limited by what we currently know and do, and when seeking solutions to our challenges we’ll forget ‘what is’ and embrace ‘what if’.

Paper swan on water


We’re reversing the equation: happiness leads to success. We promote wellbeing and advocate positivity. We want to create an atmosphere where everybody can thrive. Kind gestures, excellent work and enthusiasm for doing good business won’t go unnoticed.



We recognise each Swan for their own amazing qualities and character, and acknowledge that this diversity contributes to our culture, which we cherish. As a company, we’re 100% independent from supplier-imposed targets, so we’ll never encourage our clients into making decisions that are anything less than what’s best for them.

You’re in safe hands

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