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Our ethos has always been to have an honest and open approach. We work hard to nurture relationships built on strong foundations of integrity and trust. We don’t want to be the cheapest or the biggest energy consultants in the UK, we want to be the very best.

How we care for our customers

In order to care for our customers, we recognise the need to be transparent. One way we do this is by being completely open in the way we charge our customers and ensure they understand how we recover the cost for our services. We make sure there are no hidden costs!

It’s important to us that we take time to get to know and understand our customers on a personal level as well as in a business sense. This helps us carefully select an Account Manager who is assigned to work with them based on the needs of the company and personality of our main contact. We recognise each customer is different which is why we work hard to put together a core team of Swans we feel will be enable them to get the most out of the services we offer.

We tailor our service to suit the needs of each of our individual customers, as we realise, and respect one size does not fit all. We are in the unique position of being able to act like a mini energy department for our customers. Not only are we able to help them with the procurement of energy, our in-house team dedicated to dealing with our customer’s queries and problems allows us to also manage everything from billing disputes to Change of Tenancy (COT) on their behalf. Over the years we have saved our customers’ money by detecting errors in utility bills, querying suppliers and supporting the recovery of funds.

We are more than happy to work with customers to find solutions to their specific problems which may mean a new offering or change to a service we already provide. This flexibility and willingness to adapt has helped us retain over 90% of our business year on year since we started trading and provides new, exciting products to prospects giving us an edge over competitors.

Our ‘Quality Triangle’ comprises of our Investors in People and the TPI Code of Practice, demonstrating that we are happy for external professionals to test our integrity by examining evidence of the quality of the service we deliver. These accreditations provide reassurance that we are transparent on things that customers and suppliers cannot easily measure themselves.

Why is customer care important?

The energy industry is unregulated which means there are no guidelines on what the appropriate amount is to charge customers. This means that brokers can charge however much they want and don’t have to be upfront with these costs. Some consultants simply don’t have their customers best interests at heart and unfortunately, we hear time and time again about businesses who have been stung by hidden fees. These usually come once they have signed into a contract with a supplier, because the broker hasn’t provided a clear breakdown of the costs.

Customer care is also important when it comes to finding the right energy contract to suit your business needs. It’s important that all your desired requirements are considered so that your business is placed on the right tariff to suit your needs. If a broker doesn’t care about their customer, they may not ask what’s important to them. This might be anything from using a ‘green’ supplier to consolidated billing. When we engage with a customer, an important part of our process is to create their ‘Energy Wishlist’. When going out to tender, we take all these points into consideration and communicate our customers’ requirements to the suppliers which puts us in the best possible position to negotiate contracts on their behalf.

What’s next?

If you are looking to discuss your energy contracts with a skilled expert, would like some advice or guidance around the options available to you or would simply like to find out more about the services we provide, please fill in the contact form with your details and we will be in touch shortly.

Find out more about our recent customer care focused award wins here.

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    Our Core Values


    How we do anything is how we do everything

    Everyone’s experience of Indigo Swan should be the same – exceptional. This value is about delivering quality, thoughtful work every time, no matter how big or small the task is. Every piece of work will be given our full attention.



    We’ve always been ambassadors for innovation and creativity, and it’s what sets us apart. Our Swans are intelligent, inventive and brave and we will always listen to ideas on how to make our company even better. We won’t be limited by what we currently know and do, and when seeking solutions to our challenges we’ll forget ‘what is’ and embrace ‘what if’.

    Paper swan on water


    We’re reversing the equation: happiness leads to success. We promote wellbeing and advocate positivity. We want to create an atmosphere where everybody can thrive. Kind gestures, excellent work and enthusiasm for doing good business won’t go unnoticed.



    We recognise each Swan for their own amazing qualities and character, and acknowledge that this diversity contributes to our culture, which we cherish. As a company, we’re 100% independent from supplier-imposed targets, so we’ll never encourage our clients into making decisions that are anything less than what’s best for them.

    You’re in safe hands