You can contract your water services in a similar way to how you negotiate your gas and electricity. Water and wastewater services remain the same, but you will be able to choose who handles your billing and customer services.

Non-domestic customers in England have had the freedom to choose the supplier for their water and wastewater retail services since 2017. This happened in 2008 in Scotland.

As with any market opening up, there have been new entrants competing with existing, established players. This increased competition is seeing benefits for consumers.

Our experience and feedback from customers suggests, that the level of service being offered by some of the larger suppliers has been poor. Billing and customer engagement issues tend to be factors which motivate switching, rather than being a strictly price driven decision. The consolidation of meters to one supplier, more frequent invoicing and simply being able to talk to someone, are key factors. At Indigo Swan, we focus on working with suppliers with good service levels.

The savings available by contracting in England are small and depend on the consumption, but have averaged 6% over the portfolios we manage.

The benefits of looking at contracting in Scotland does typically include a larger % saving. Should you wish, Indigo Swan are happy to approach a select number of suppliers who we feel will offer a competitive contract, but also provide a high level of service.

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