Sustainability Jargon Buster


Climate change, global warming, sustainability – all challenges we are facing globally and topics high on the agenda of discussion. But technical jargon can sometimes make it difficult to understand what’s being said when discussing how your business can become more sustainable. We’re here to help, so we’ve compiled this jargon-buster to help you make sense of sustainability.

We’ve selected some of the most common terms but if you feel we have missed any, please get in touch and let us know as we would be happy to add them for you. Send us an email to discuss.


Word or Phrase Meaning
EVThis is a shortened abbreviation for an Electric Vehicle.
PVWhen related to solar panels, this means photovoltaic, the panels consist of small photovoltaic cells that are connected.
PPA Power Purchase Agreement – An upfront contractual agreement allowing you to sell your excess energy back to the grid.
REGO Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin – It tells you that the energy generated has come from a UK renewable source.
AC Alternating Current – A type of electrical current whose direction is reversed at regular cycles.
Array This is an interconnected system of PV modules that function as one single unit that produces electricity.
Biodegradable This refers to an object which is capable of being decomposed by bacteria or other living organisms.
Base load The average amount of electric power that a utility must supply in any period.
Carbon Footprint This refers to the emissions of greenhouse gasses from either an individual or organisation.
Carbon Neutral If an organisation is carbon neutral, this means it achieves net-zero emissions, meaning that the amount of carbon they produce is offset by removing carbon emissions elsewhere.
Inverter Converts direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC).
DC Direct Current – A type of electricity transmission and distribution by which electricity flows in one direction through a conductor.
Geothermal This is energy that comes from heat that is stored deep in the Earth.
Net Zero This refers to achieving an overall balance between emissions produced and taken out of the atmosphere.
Sustainable This relates to the idea of our current processes or practices meeting our needs without jeopardising future generation’s ability to meet their needs.
Upcycling The process of creating something new from something that would have otherwise been thrown away.
Distributed Energy Distributed Energy (DE) is a platform that connects renewable projects with funders.
Renewable Energy Energy that is collected from renewable sources such as sunlight, wind, rain.
GHG Green House Gas – A greenhouse gas is a gas that absorbs and emits radiant energy causing the greenhouse effect.
Radiant Energy The energy of electromagnetic and gravitational radiation.

Sustainable Services

Solar PV and Battery Storage

Soaring energy prices and volatile markets, have pushed many businesses to put their roof space to good use by turning to solar PV as an energy-efficient alternative to cut bills. Investing in solar could help your business protect a significant portion of its energy usage from increasing costs and could put you ahead of growing legislation as the government focuses on net zero. Not only could it bring substantial financial benefits it’s also becoming increasing attractive due to the positive impact on the environment.

Electric Vehicle Charging Points (EV)

With the government setting a target of stopping sales of new petrol and diesel cars by 2030, there is a strong focus on electric and hybrid vehicles. Over the next few years, as we get closer to the 2030 deadline, the demand for EV points will become much greater. Whether you are looking to install charge points for commercial vehicles or private employee cars we can guide you through finding the right solution for your business.

Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)

Power purchase agreements (PPAs) can help your business achieve its sustainability goals and lock in long-term pricing for electricity, helping to manage the risk of volatile power markets and generate savings on your energy bills. If your business wants to explore selling its renewable energy back to the grid, we can help ensure you receive market leading rates along with a friendly and personal service.

Outsourced Energy Management

Understanding how energy is being used in your business, the impact it’s having on the environment and finding ways to become more energy efficient can be a full-time job for someone – although you may find hiring an in-house Energy Manager costly. We can provide you with the services of an Outsourced Energy Manager, who spends as much or as little time within your business as you choose. Whether your business needs to meet ESOS or SECR audits, or you wish to promote your workforce to be more sustainable, our outsourced energy manager can cater for all aspects.

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