What is Pathfinder

Pathfinder is an online management tool that gives Indigo Swan clients access to all their energy related information in one convenient place.

Make better business decisions by understanding your energy information in tangible, simple & easy to understand formats.

First Time Logging in

Your details (Username & Password) will be sent to you via an email, there will also be a link in the email taking you to the login screen.

If you ever need to retrieve your login details, you can click on the Forgotten Password link, which will then prompt you for your email address so it can send you a new one. After the login screen you will be able to view our standard Terms & Conditions for using Pathfinder.

If you manage or are associated with multiple organisations, when you login you will be given the choice of which organisation you wish to view.

Pathfinder Navigation

Wherever you are in Pathfinder the navigation at the top of the page will always be the same.

You can access the various pages by clicking the tabs, everyone will have a Dashboard, Your Supplies, Your Reports & Your Account tabs.  Other tabs will become available for different products if you decide to use them.

As mentioned earlier if you do manage multiple organisations, you can change which one you view by clicking on the pink Change button to take you back to the organisation page.

You can also sign out of your Pathfinder Account from the link in the top right-hand corner.

We have put in Tool Tips where possible to give you an explanation of what it is you are looking at, if you find you are still unsure please contact your Contract Guide and they will be happy to explain anything to you.


This is where a summary of your energy supply information is displayed and any prompts to view reports will be highlighted.

The Supply Status circles at the top represent an overview of where each of your supplies are sitting.  All your supplies will travel through the circles and end up in Live Contracts. Clicking them will display the supplies with that status.

  1. The Supply Status circles at the top represent an overview of where each of your supplies are The Supply Status circles at the top represent an overview of where each of your supplies are sitting.  All your supplies
    will travel through the circles and end up in Live Contracts.  Clicking them will display the supplies with that status.
  2. Any up and coming tenders will be listed here, showing you when and for how many supplies it will be for, if you need
    to change the date to a more convenient one you can do it here by clicking the Change Date button.
  3. The At a Glance box summarises how many gas and electricity supplies you have and also lets you know in how many
    days your Letter of Authority (LOA) will expire.
  4. This is your Contract Guide, they are always on hand to help.  You can email or call them directly if you would like some
    assistance or have any questions.
  5. We built Pathfinder in response to client feedback and we are always listening.  So, if you have any ideas you think would
    make Pathfinder even better please let us know via the pink Feedback Tab found on the right hand-side of the page.

Your Reports

This is where all your purchasing option reports are located.

Before you get to your actual reports you view a page that provides all your reports grouping them by –

  • Future Reports – confirming the dates of tenders we have scheduled in for you.
  • Current Reports – showing you live reports that are ready for you to view and make a decision on.
  • Past Reports – an archive of all historical reports, so you can easily refer to them in the future.
  1. Your report is broken down into various parts, which we will go through later, this is the Your Options page and is the high level information, the other pages contain additional details and support information.
  2. These are the countdowns, the red one signifies how long you have until your current energy supply contract expires. The second countdown signifies how long it is until the prices we have provided expire. We can refresh them for you at any point.
  3. This is the Options Graph it works in conjunction with the Options Table displaying all the same information but in a visual format.  Your current price will be in blue on the left then all the available options will be positioned to the right of it.
  4. This is the Options Table, and contains top level information based on –
    • Supplier – confirming the name of the supplier and how long the contract will be in place.
    • % Change – the percentage difference between your current contract price and the new price.  A saving will be
      indicated with a green arrow and an increase with a red arrow.
    • £ Change – The cost difference between your current contract price and the new price. A saving will be indicated
      with a green arrow and an increase with a red arrow.
    • Spend – The total cost per annum for each quote using your estimated annual consumption total.  This includes
      the Climate Change Levy cost if it is applicable to your organisation.
    • Type – Letting you know what type of contract the price relates to.  For example it could be ‘Fully Fixed’ which
      means the supplier will not pass on any third party cost increases during the contract or perhaps it could be
      ‘FiT’ which means the supply will bill you separately for the Feed in Tariff.
    • You can also click the button Select Price here which will notify your Contract Guide that you are ready to proceed.
  5. This is the Suggestion Star, we added this based on the huge amount of feedback we received asking if we could use our knowhow of the client’s requirements and the contracts available to make a suggestion for an option to consider.  At all times the final decision about what is best for your organisation is yours.

Please Note, throughout the ‘Your Reports’ section you can print off the entire report using the ‘Print PDF’ link.



The next page in your Options report is the Responses section.  This details which suppliers we approached for prices and whether they responded.


Next is the Considerations page, anything we think you will need to know or should be aware of to aid your decision we will include in this section. The topics can be easily exploded & collapsed.


The Details Page is a summary of all the quotes received.  This is especially useful if the tender is for multiple supplies as it totals all the costs and provides you with an average unit rate excluding the standing charge element and also including the standing charge.

Site Details

Next is the Site Details page, it lists each meter separately so you can see which supplier provided the best price for each site.  To scroll through the table you can either click the arrow buttons or hold your mouse over the table to move the table to the left or right.

Your Account

This is where you can update & amend your company & contact details, as well as change your password.

Pathfinder Tickets

This is the first page of the tickets section where you can see and access all current Open Tickets, all Closed Tickets from the closed tickets tab as well as Create a Ticket and change your Proflie Image from the respective buttons.

The Key (right hand side) is to help you identify who we we are awaiting information from to resolve a ticket – Indigo Swan, the Supplier or you, the Client.

Setting a Profile Image

From this page you can set yourself a profile image that will accompany your comments in the tickets if you wish to.

Creating a Ticket

If you have an issue, for instance a problem with an invoice or a contract query, you can submit a ticket to us so we can work on it for you.  This lets you see the progress of that ticket, share further information with us and the resolution, should you need to reference this again in the future.

Click on the ‘Create Ticket’ button fill in the subject of your ticket, description, type of query and press send.  You can even upload any images associated with this ticket if needed – for example a copy bill or letter received from the supplier.

Using a Ticket

The ticket page is a call-response two way tracked conversation between yourself and us to help you get your energy related issues all sorted out.


If you have any questions, that are not covered in this guide, please get in touch as we can immediately help.


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