Work smarter, not harder

You put pencils in a pencil case, books in a book case & photos in an album, which is exactly what we are going for with Pathfinder.  All your energy related information & activity in one convenient place.

Spend less time dealing with your energy and more time on your business.

Information that makes sense

Whether you have 1 or 10,000 sites, it’s easy to understand what’s going on with your supplies with simple filters & labels helping you visualise information that makes sense to you.

Pathfinder is linked to all our back office systems which means your information is updated in real time so you’ll get a truly holistic view of your energy every time you login.

Keeping it human

Technology is great but it is important to keep things human. Anything you need, no matter how big or small, you can chat directly to your Contract Guide either over the phone or via Pathfinder. If it’s a little more involved we can open up a ticket, keeping you in the loop on how we are resolving it for you.

Shaped by you

At Indigo Swan we like to listen. If you think of something you would like added to Pathfinder, please let us know. Chances are someone else would also like it.  Any great ideas will be included in our development schedule and rolled out in the next update.

The more people that use Pathfinder and the more feedback we receive, the better we’ll be able to adapt and evolve Pathfinder into something that helps everyone.

More Tools

Our client base has grown very diverse over the years, we deal with slate manufacturers in Wales, housing associations in Scotland, football clubs, education institutions, YMCAs, HSBCs and the shop around the corner. All have the same goal but with very different needs & ways to get there. We understand this and will be adding some new and wonderful ways to help you understand & control your energy. These will all be available through your Pathfinder interface.


The energy industry is changing, work habits are changing and how we all interact with energy should change. If you have are interested in seeing what Pathfinder can do for you please get in contact.

You can also view on our PathFinder User Guide for more information.

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