Flexible Gas and Electricity Energy Procurement

What does flexible mean?

At Indigo Swan we generally focus on providing customers with Fixed contracts, where all or most of the costs are fixed for the duration of the contract.

“Flexible” encompasses a wide range of options, but essentially offers the opportunity to buy and possibly sell the Wholesale element of the contract multiple times before, or even during, your contract.

The diversity of Flexible products makes it difficult to draw comparisons between these and Fixed, but the table below looks to explore options and start that conversation:

FeatureFixedFlexibleIndigo Swan
Fix Third Party chargesYesSome products will allow thisYes
Fix Wholesale costsYesNoNo
Sell Wholesale back to marketNo Some products allow thisNo
Control of purchase decisionsYesSome products will allow thisYes
More than one purchaseNoYesYes
Budget CertaintyYesNoNo
Early visibility of ratesYesSome products allow thisYes
Control of contract termsYesSome products will allow thisYes
Ongoing management No YesYes
Consumption limits NoYesYes

Our Solution

We believe we’ve found a solution that offers the best of both worlds:

  • The contract will be based on your preferred terms, with you making all the purchase decisions (assisted by Indigo Swan’s market knowhow)
  • You can break up the purchase of the Wholesale element into four segments rather than one (although we don’t allow these to be sold back)
  • We fix the Third-Party Charges for 12 months to avoid exposure to price variations and reconciliations
  • We let you know your fixed contract rates shortly after you make your final purchase, to allow visibility of your forecast budget

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