Energy Audit Checklist

An energy audit provides a clear overview of your business’s current energy usage and gives you a view of areas where efficiencies may be made. It’s designed to have a positive impact on your business and can not only help abolish any inefficient energy habits, but hopefully bring some financial benefits as well.

The results could be as simple as improving the communication with employees to help get them engaged and bring them onboard with your journey. Other suggestions may require a little more work like updating machinery or rectifying insulation, but the aim is to provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions.

Our Energy Audit Checklist is also designed to look at ways in which your business can reduce its carbon footprint and be more sustainable as you work towards your Net Zero goals. We’ve created this handy checklist so that you can successfully complete your own business audit. With the results and feedback from ourselves you should be able to put an actionable plan in place.


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    Meet Our New Business Team


    Rae is our New Business Executive and will be able to answer any queries you may have around our Energy Audit Checklist.

    Rae Harris

    Rae is our New Business Executive. She has a passion for helping businesses be more sustainable and manages all our new business enquires.

    Email:  | Phone: 01603 542618

    What We Do

    Energy Procurement

    Arranging, negotiating and managing energy contracts for our clients is what we do best. The energy market is well known for its fluctuating prices, so we monitor the wholesale gas and electricity markets closely and advise our clients on the best time to secure their contract rates for their business.

    Sustainability Consulting

    Our support and advice doesn’t have to stop once we put your energy contracts in place. We also help businesses find ways they can be more sustainable and reach their Net Zero goals. As the energy sector continues to transition and invest in new technologies to deliver a clean and sustainable future, the ways in which your business can reduce their environmental impact are also increasing.

    Bureau Services

    Not only are we able to help them with the procurement of energy, our inhouse team dedicated to dealing with our client’s queries and problems allows us to also manage everything from billing disputes to Change of Tenancy (COT) on their behalf. We’re proud to be able to remove the burden, time and headaches energy admin can bring to our clients, so that they can focus on other areas of their business.

    Knowhow & Insights

    The energy industry is complicated, confusing and in a constant state of flux. It really does make good business sense to stay in the know. Our Energy Report newsletter keeps you up to date on new regulation, changes to old regulations, shifts in the energy market and other business related articles of interest.

    Sustainability Blogs

    5 Reasons to Consider Solar PV for your Business

    Investing in solar could help your business protect a significant portion of its energy usage from increasing costs and will put you ahead of growing legislation as the government focuses on net zero. Not only could it bring substantial financial benefits it’s also becoming increasing attractive due to the positive impact on the environment.

    What is Net Zero? Are Businesses Ready?

    Lots of us have heard the term Net Zero but a lot of us are not aware of what this means. Before we look at how we can achieve this, it is important to look at what is meant by this. In simple terms, it refers to the balance between the amount of greenhouse gas produced and the amount removed by the atmosphere.

    Sustainable Fashion

    Sustainable fashion relates to clothing that has been made in an ethical way and this includes a range of areas such as the premises that they are made in, fair pay for workers, the use of recyclable materials or materials that don’t harm the planet etc.

    Are we doing enough for future generations to live sustainably?

    As part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development there are a collection of 17 interlinked sustainable goals that have been set out to re-affirm the commitment by the world to sustainable development.

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