At Indigo Swan we specialise in helping many different business sectors including Property Management firms. No matter your business size we can help you with your utility contracts and help you make more well-informed decisions.

The problem

Lots of property management companies overspend on their energy bills simply because they don’t have time to regularly track market movements or the current contracts they are in. Overpaying usually occurs as a result of suppliers switching customers to default rates once a contract has expired, which can be avoided. It’s worth pointing out these rates are usually much higher and could end up costing your residents or tenants a considerable amount of money.

With multiple sites, meters, suppliers and lots of invoices, credits and re-bills all being received on a regular basis, it can be difficult to stay organised and manage your utility contracts. We love admin and are here to help remove your energy headaches.

The solution

We understand that your top priorities are to increase savings, reduce costs, and free up more of your time, so we’re here to help make that happen. From finding the right supplier, to checking and negotiating contracts, our team of energy contract enthusiasts are here to help you with your energy requirements.

We offer lots of tools and knowhow to help people make better business decisions about their energy. By gaining an understanding of what you currently use and how much you are allowed to use, a saving could be made on something you may never have been aware of. Our proactive monitoring of the market and contract options will give you the reassurance that the needs of your residents or tenants are well tended to.

We have lots of different services designed to remove energy headaches. We can review your whole portfolio and give you a breakdown of each HH or Smart metered site’s consumption patterns or check Available Capacities for potential savings, all in an easy to understand report. What about Bill Checking to find out if your supplier owes you money.

Knowledge is power and by understanding your business’ position you are best placed to identify areas of potential savings. This will enable you to have the competitive edge and demonstrate to residents and tenants that you are proactive in managing their contracts.

Lastly, can we help by providing you with an energy audit, a part time Energy Manager or can we guide you through the ever-changing legislative requirements?

Why you should choose Indigo Swan

We work closely with and maintain great relationships with a long list of leading UK energy suppliers so that we can get access to the best tariffs and negotiate deals on behalf of our clients. We place integrity over profit and aren’t driven by supplier incentives or targets.

Indigo Swan is signed to the TPI Code of Practice which is a set of standards that sets the Benchmark for responsible, high quality TPIs selling energy to businesses. We are accredited for ISO 9001 and Investors in People Gold. These two very important standards support our thorough Quality Management System, ensuring both our processes and personnel are developed and continually supported to offer an exceptional service to our clients.

Our love of admin means we’re always available to help you stay in control of your complex portfolio. You’ll benefit from having a dedicated energy contract enthusiast who will get to know what makes your Property Management firm tick, and understand the different pressures you face.

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