Capacity Review

What is a Capacity Review?

A Capacity Review looks at peaks in your electricity use (Maximum Demand) in relation to how much you are allocated to use (Available Capacity) and the difference between them. Analysis of this can uncover savings.

By understanding what you use and how much you are allowed to use, a saving can be made on something you may never have been aware of.

If you think of your Available Capacity (or KVA) like an overdraft i.e. the bigger the overdraft limit you have the more you are charged for it, then by lowering that limit you lower the associated cost.  That’s where we come in.

From April 2018 a change was made known as DCP 161. For any additional units of KVA used over your Available Capacity, you are charged at a penalty rate. Our review can also help avoid these.

What we offer

We will review your whole portfolio and give you a breakdown of each site’s consumption patterns, supply capacities and potential savings all in an easy to understand report.

We will then take care of all the paperwork for any savings you would like to pursue. The last ten Capacity Reviews have uncovered over £17,255 in saving opportunities.

Why Indigo Swan

A nice little metaphor for what we offer is “we sell energy headache pills”. We offer lots of tools and knowhow at Indigo Swan to help people make better business decisions about their energy. Our core competency is ‘Clever Contract Management’ which means we professionally manage a client’s energy contract which includes:

  • Collating portfolio data
  • Comparing prices of all suppliers
  • Putting that data into an easy to understand format
  • Then taking care of the necessary paperwork
  • Supporting with account management

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