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Since 1st January 2021, Find a Tender service (FTS) has replaced the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) in the UK. Contracts Finder remains unchanged as do the rules and timescales. These require some organisations who receive public funding above a defined level to publish their contracts for Gas and Electricity supplies.

The purpose is to allow open competition. However, it does result in additional forms to be completed and potential delays to your process, due to the strict and lengthy timescales in which suppliers are given to respond.

PublicationContract Threshold (Jan 2021)
Contracts Finder (Central Government)£10,000
Contracts Finder (Other Authorities)£25,000
Find a Tender (Central Government) £122,976
Find a Tender (Other Authorities) £189,330

Using these publications in isolation does generate a limited interest from energy suppliers, so we use our existing contacts to make sure you get a good range of offers.

Indigo Swan will work closely with you to gather the relevant information for us to publish the Contract Notice, on your behalf. Once the procurement process is complete, we will also take care of the Award Notice. Should you wish Indigo Swan to assist we would be delighted to discuss.

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