Free Energy Health Check

Are your contracts coming to an end and you want to make sure you are on the most competitive rates? Or are you fixed into your energy contract until later this year, but still want to make sure you are with the best supplier for your needs when they end?

We offer lots of tools and knowhow at Indigo Swan to help people make better business decisions about their energy.

A free, no obligation energy health check could help you identify areas of your business where you could be more efficient. By collecting a few details from you and reviewing your business needs, our team of energy contract enthusiasts could potentially highlight areas of your business where you can make savings.

We know the energy industry can be complicated and confusing, so we try extra hard to make our processes and services as simple as possible. It won’t cost you a penny and all we need to get started is a few details and a copy of your last invoices. We can then benchmark your consumption against the typical and best in class consumption based on national data giving you an instant idea of potential energy and cost savings.

Our free energy health check includes:

  • An audit of your current contract terms
  • A review your energy consumption
  • A review your current energy spends
  • Detailed checks to make sure all your relevant agreements are correct and contracted
  • A discussion around your company’s long-term energy strategy

We are an independent energy consultancy who place integrity over profit. We work closely with over 20 different energy suppliers whom we’ve built fantastic relationships with but unlike many other consultants we do not conform to their targets. This allows us to give an honest, unbiased comparison.

There are many simple energy saving solutions which can help you to reduce your energy usage. Let us help you to identify those areas which would be of greatest value to your business.

Get in touch today to find out how we could help benefit your business.

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