Charity of the year

Nobody should face a mental health problem alone.

Norwich Mind is a charity that provides advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem. They campaign to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding.

About Norwich Mind

Norwich Mind exist to provide excellent care and support for people with, and at risk of, mental health problems. They do this through the diversity of acceptable and effective services and through the provision of public awareness raising.

They provide services to approximatley 2,500 people each year, of whom about 400 may have a severe and enduring mental health problem.

In Norfolk the charity employ nearly 70 people across 17 programmes, whose services (or programees) are organised around four key themes that reflect the key areas where we can be of help: these are Personalisation & Recovery, Psychological Therapies, Social Inclusion and
Welbeing. To view the programmes please download the printable fact sheet on the right.

Throughout 2016 the team at Indigo Swan are supporting Norwich Mind, please get involved or donate in any way you can, your support will be greatly appreciated and needed.

Link to charity website

Big Indigo Charity Quiz of the Year - 9th November

Our 2017 charity quiz was our biggest yet!

We welcome over 90 guests, across 22 teams, to the event which was held at North Cafe Bar in Norwich. Once again, we were fundraising for Norwich & Central Norfolk Mind, and the total amount raised was a record breaker for us and them - £3,100.66!

Link to donate / tickets / email etc

Run Norwich - 6th August

For the second year in a row, we took part in Run Norwich!

More swans than ever took part this year - Emily, James, Mark, Sophie, Aimee and Aimee's husband Joe all ran 10km for Norwich Mind.

The training was tough and seemed to last forever, but it paid off as all of the swans made it to the finish line! :)

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Bake a Difference - Cake Sale - 13th April

Our first cake sale of the year was held in April, raising funds for Norwich Mind.

We had a wide variety of goodies, baked by several members of team. Lots of people dropped by from our neighbouring businesses - one of them was lucky enough to win the raffle prize of whole carrot cake, baked especially for the winner!

In total, we raised £137 for Norwich Mind. It's a great start to another year of fundraising for a worthy cause.

Link to donate / tickets / email etc

Planking - 30th Sept

We decided to do a spot of planking in the office to raise some funds for Mind & we discovered the ‘28-Day Planking Challenge’. First thing every morning those that wanted to would plank, then the next day we'd up the ante.

Day 1 – Start at 20 seconds of planking right up to Day 27 - 240 seconds of planking with Day 28 which is hold as long as possible. Indigo Swan donated 1p for every minute planked by each Swan.

Link to donate / tickets / email etc

Tour De Norfolk - 25th Sept

At the end of September, James (W) and his friend Ninnie will be competing in the first Tour de Norfolk!

They will be cycling 35 miles starting at the Norfolk Showground, heading out towards Dereham, down to Watton and back up through Wymondham to finish the loop back at the Showground.

They are aiming for an ambitious under 2hrs time! James has previously competed in a couple of cycling events and cycles to work most days and Ninnie is a keen cyclist and cycles everywhere around Norwich. Please show your support and help us raise money by donating even a couple of pounds, anything is greatly appreciated.

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Tough Mudder - 17th Sept

Louise will be getting down & dirty at the Tough Mudder course in London on the 17th Sept, 5 miles and 14+ obstacles of pure filth await her.

Louise has never done anything like this before, but she is a very determined person. Please show your support and help us raise money by donating even a couple of pounds, anything is greatly appreciated.

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Run Norwich - 7th Aug

Two of the super fit action swans (Aimee & Sarah) will be running a 10k road race with 2,998 other runners.

The 10k weaves the racers around the city centre streets and past some of Norwich’s most iconic landmarks, there will be music & entertainment all along the route so it’ll be a great day out.

Having started training in March neither Aimee or Sarah have done anything like this before and the level of commitment they have put in has been amazing, please show your support and help us raise money by donating even a couple of pounds, anything is greatly appreciated.

Hope to see you there.

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Bake a Difference - Cake Sale/Raffle - 17th of June

We will be baking all sorts of goodness to raise funds for Norwich Mind, if you are in Norwich in the morning please pop in and indulge.

Also, we will be raffling off a Nigella’s Chocolate
Gunness Cake to be baked on a date of your choice & hand delivered by a Swan within 25 miles of Norwich.

This isn't just any cake. This is a Nigella cake. “It is
magnificent in its damp blackness. I can't say that you can absolutely taste the stout in it, but there is certainly a resonant, ferrous tang which I happen to love.”

So, if you have a special event coming up or just fancy a yummy cake with tea one weekend please buy a ticket.

£1 per ticket - you can buy as many tickets as you like :-)

Draw to take place on Friday 10th June at 4.30pm. Tickets can be purchased in person at the Indigo Swan office or via our Just Giving page. Please note as this is a raffle Gift Aid cannot be included in your donation.

Please include your full name so we can contact you.

Good Luck.

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Wellbeing Day - The Forum - 3rd February

We organised a day with Forum staff as they were feeling in need of some staff love.

We had 14 treatment slots available from 10am until 4pm and each person donated £5 each for a 20 minute session. From either a relaxing foot or hand Reflexology treatment or Indian Head Massage

It was a big hit, with everybody being really impressed with how relaxing it was as they all floated back to their desks afterwards.

Link to donate / tickets / email etc