Capacity Review

By understanding what you use and how much you are allowed to use, a saving can be made on something you may never have been aware of.

A Capacity Review looks at peaks in your electricity use (Maximum Demand) in relation to how much you are allocated to use (Agreed Capacity) and the difference between them. Analysis of this can uncover savings.

The process of requesting a reduction in our capacity was all handled for us and needed little more than a signature from us. All in all a very straight forward process that will help reduce our energy costs over the coming year.

Steve Falvey,
The Forum Trust

How a Capacity Review will benefit your organisation

  • Potentially uncover a significant amount
  • Set fee – we won’t take a % of savings
  • We’ll do all associated paperwork

If you think of your Agreed Capacity (or KVA) as an overdraft i.e. the bigger the overdraft limit you have the more you are charged for it, then by lowering that limit you lower the associated cost. That’s what the review does.

Discover potential savings


We will review your whole portfolio, to see what saving opportunities are available to you.

Once we have run our initial checks we will produce your Capacity Review Report detailing all of your supplies & where we have found saving opportunities.

Each site will be given a breakdown, so you can see the consumption pattern, supply capacity and potential saving, a list of FAQs and a ‘what to do next’ section.

As with every client, you’ll be allocated a Client Guide who will be on hand to answer any questions and guide you through the process.

The cost of the report is in relation to the size of your portfolio, as the bigger the portfolio the longer it will take us to run our checks & conduct reviews.

Client Stories

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The Forum Trust - Buying Group

After 15 years with a traditional purchasing group they decided to use us instead and saved 13% on their gas!


Ashtons Legal

Savings of £727 per annum on MOP contracts and £2,208 per annum by adjusting KVA capacity.


Broads Authority

By researching & comparing over 18 different energy suppliers Indigo Swan were able to identify savings of £12k per annum.