MOP Reviews

By understanding what you are paying for and comparing the options, a saving can be made on something you may never have heard of.

A MOP Agreement review will provide a report detailing your current situation & what options you have for the future, all in an easy to understand format.

Indigo Swan are polite and not pushy. Communication is easy and the reports very informative.

Leonard Newcombe,
Ashton Legal

How a MOP review will benefit your organisation

  • Capture an additional saving
  • Set fee, we won’t take a % of savings
  • We will find the best option for you
  • We handle all paperwork and queries

A MOP Agreement is a contract between you and the Meter Operator (MOP) covering rental and maintenance of any Half Hourly electricity meters installed in your buildings.

Whether you are charged directly or not, or have never heard of it, at some point you will be paying for this if you have a Half Hourly meter.

What’s in the review?

A MOP Agreement review will detail your current situation and what options you have for any future savings, all in an easy to understand report. As part of this review, we also look at how you are contracted for Data Collection and Aggregation.

You won’t have to go through the headache of collating all your MOP data, going to all the MOPs for quotes, making sense of the data and then project managing the change.

The more meters you have, the greater the impact a MOP review may have on your finances.


Client Stories

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Ashtons Legal

Savings of £727 per annum on MOP contracts and £2,208 per annum by adjusting KVA capacity.


University Partnerships Programme

UPP is a leading provider of on-campus accommodation, infrastructure and support services, they have saved over £120k.


Inspiration Trust

We helped Inspiration Trust get several supplies across multiple sites in order, and worked with them to create a new energy strategy.