Price Projector

Get a better understanding of when is best to renew your contract based on actual market movements.

The Price Projector allows you to gain a better understanding of where the market is and how that affects you prior to your renewal.

This will give a good indication as to ‘when’ is best to renew your contract in order to obtain the most favourable pricing. This report is also handy for financial forecasting & budgeting purposes.

How Price Projector will benefit your organisation

  • Know your current contract value & status
  • Understand market conditions
  • See how these conditions impact on you
  • Allow for more informed decision making

How it works


Without going into too much detail, the basic premise is to predict a ‘best time to review’ by cross referencing an actual quote for your supply with real Market Knowhow.

By using information that is relevant to you, combined with up-to-date market information, we are able to target our analysis, providing you with a report designed to assist you to make better decisions about your energy.

This will give you control over the forecasting of future energy costs, when contracting best suits your requirements and the market conditions.

Client Stories

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University Partnerships Programme

UPP is a leading provider of on-campus accommodation, infrastructure and support services, they have saved over £120k.


Haymarket Media Group

They have a fantastic knowledge of the complexities of the energy market, and I would not hesitate to recommend them.


Life Property Management

Indigo Swan has been instrumental in allowing LPM to identify reductions in electricity bills of up to 60%.