Water Efficiency

The UK’s water industry is changing. Since April of last year, organisations have been able to choose their supplier, which much like energy, is an opportunity to reduce costs.

How Water Efficiency will benefit your organisation

  • Ensure suppliers correctly bill you
  • Identify potential wastage
  • We liaise with the suppliers for you
  • Recover any overpayments

It’s logical to conduct an Historical Bill Check because as soon as an organisation changes supplier the existing rebate opportunities become vastly more complicated to recover.

Historical Bill Check

One in three sites can reveal a savings opportunity through analysis alone with savings ranging from 10 – 45% of annual spend.

The check will highlight billing anomalies, fixed charges & allowances, validation of Surface Water Drainage charges, consumption, leak identification, suitability of meter size plus Trade Effluent analysis and potential for water efficiencies and Rainwater Harvesting.

This will be presented to you in a report, so you can easily understand all opportunities, both financially & environmentally, and then how to proceed.

Getting started

We only need a few pieces of information about your organisation to commence your review and your sustainable water future.

Client Stories

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Broads Authority

By researching & comparing over 18 different energy suppliers Indigo Swan were able to identify savings of £12k per annum.


Broadacres Housing Association

Since Oct 13 Broadacres have had 1,174 electricity and 160 gas bills checked by us. We have found errors, which we ironed out before the bills were paid, ensuring everything runs smoothly.


Swallowtail Print

We helped take away the headache of negotiating a better price and identified savings of 34% on their electricity spend.


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