If you need to go through the OJEU process we can help your organisation with its submission.

The Official Journal of the European Community or OJEU (previously called OJEC – the Official Journal of the European Community) is an online publication which contains daily tenders from organisations and projects with public funding.

How our OJEU service will benefit your organisation

  • Advise on the best process for you
  • Publish notices
  • Comply with requirements
  • Publish award notices

There is a requirement for all tenders to be published for such organisations that are valued above a specified financial threshold. The purpose of this is to allow open competition within the European Union.

This generally relates to housing associations, councils & any organisation with public funding.

Are you included?

The contract threshold for utilities changes every year. Any contract value exceeding this must go through the OJEU process.

We can guide you through the OJEU submission process, as well as tender for organisations going through the OJEU process.

Client Stories

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Haymarket Media Group

They have a fantastic knowledge of the complexities of the energy market, and I would not hesitate to recommend them.


Life Property Management

Indigo Swan has been instrumental in allowing LPM to identify reductions in electricity bills of up to 60%.


YMCA Norfolk

Indigo Swan helped YMCA Norfolk lower their energy spend by over £4,000 and made sure that the correct type of meter was installed in the building, having the wrong meter would have been costly.