Our toolkit

Below are a list of services designed to help you make quick, easy and well informed decisions about your energy.

Energy Purchasing

Taking the hassle out of arranging, negotiating and managing energy contracts is our pièce de la résistance, our venus de milo. It's what we do best and why we have won numerous awards.

You're busy. We are thorough. Our purpose is to make sure a) you're not spending precious time ringing around getting prices and deciphering them. b) you have peace of mind you made the best decision, without being swayed or ripped off. c) if any issues arise help is only three rings away.

We'll produce a report for you, you'll make an informed decision and we'll make it all happen, simply & smoothly.

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What else can I do to lower costs?

Capacity Reviews

A Capacity Review looks at peaks in your electricity use in relation to how much you are allocated to use. Analysis of the difference can uncover savings.

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MOP Reviews

By understanding what you are paying and comparing the options, a saving can be made on something you may never have heard of.

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Am I confident I'm being billed correctly?

Bill Checking

Checking energy bills is time consuming, laborious & complicated and we love it. Making sure things are accurate will ensure costs are being managed efficiently and effectively.

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Historical Bill Check

1 in 10 utility bills contain errors, and our eagle eyed team are excellent at finding these errors. So far, we have discovered and returned over £300,000 for our clients.

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How much am I using & when?

Insights Reporting

By looking at how power flows through your buildings, you can very effectively manipulate your use of it over time.

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Can I take advantage of dips in the market?

Price Projector

Understand when it is best to renew your energy contracts based on actual market price movements.

The Price Projector allows organisations to gain a better understanding of where the market is and how that affects them prior to contract renewal.

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How do I manage OJEU?

Submission & tendering services

The contract threshold for utilities is £345,028 (from January 2014). Any contract value exceeding this must go through OJEU. We can guide you through the OJEU submission process.

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Thought about water?

The UK's water industry is changing. By mid 2017 organisations will be able to choose their supplier, which much like energy, is an opportunity to reduce costs.

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