Other Client Stories

Client Story - Brightstar Financial
Brightstar Financial

“Everyone we spoke to at Indigo Swan was professional, honest and efficient. They supported us every step of the way and it wasn’t until we started working with them, we realised how easy the process was. They allowed us to explain our situation, share the information they needed and then step back and let them handle everything on our behalf – now that’s what you call excellent customer service! They are a top team to work with.” – William Lloyd, Operations Director

Client Story - Bowling House
Bowling House

“I was hassled by lots of companies pretending to do the same thing as Indigo Swan, one in particular attempted to trick me into signing a contract. Indigo Swan have helped to guide us through a number of challenges during our start up phase for which we are grateful. Our Client Guide Lee was extremely polite and friendly.” – Jack Thompson, Managing Director

Client Story - Eastern Financial Consultants
Eastern Financial Consultants

“My experience with Indigo Swan was a very positive and professional one. Lee was fantastic and offered a great service. I found the most useful element of the service was the non-complicated clear tender report, which allowed the Directors to make an informed decision.” – Victoria Lawrence, Financial Administrator

Client Story - Life Property Management
Life Property Management

“In a time where rising electricity costs are affecting communal living developments and the common area landlord supplies, Indigo Swan has been instrumental in allowing LPM to identify reductions in electricity bills of up to 60%.” – David Reid, Director